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MTXBeef Custom Beef Private Offer (Wholes & Halves)

MTXBeef Custom Beef Private Offer (Wholes & Halves)
MTXBeef Custom Beef Private Offer (Wholes & Halves)
Load image into Gallery viewer, MTXBeef Custom Beef Private Offer (Wholes & Halves)
Load image into Gallery viewer, MTXBeef Custom Beef Private Offer (Wholes & Halves)

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Whole or Half Beef Deposit

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First, I'd like to personally thank you for your love and loyalty to MTXBeef!  We have big projects underway and would like to include you in the process.

In a few weeks we will be opening our very own beef processing operation.  This effort is to help bring back the beef industry to the people.  As you know, the beef industry is largely controlled by "the majors" and without us stepping up the smaller cattle producers, like us, could be permanently eliminated from the process thus forcing local producers all around the world to evacuate the industry. 

The good news is, a lot of us producers are bull headed and that's why you are seeing a lot of smaller processing plants popping up.  That is truly a good thing!

When we open (target date is April 15th) we would like to start working towards goals immediately.  This would be to perfect processes and product, get our team in the groove, and efficiently work together to appease all rules and regulations.  This will take a little time and here is where you can help!


Because you are a loyal customer, and you have purchased whole or half beef in the past we would like to offer you a one time reduced rate of only $4.00/hanging weight lb.  This will be for both wholes and halves.  As you can imagine, there's a chance everything may not be perfect, but you have my word to receive industry approved average yields on your protein and every ounce of try we have to make it perfect! 

All beef, as we learn, will potentially be labeled "not for resale" as we're required to do for just a short while as we learn.  Other than that, your beef quality, yields, and, custom options will all be the same!  (Probably being overly transparent here but I'd rather you have more information than you need!)

All that we ask is that you put down a $500/$750 deposit that will go towards your final bill, and that you are slightly flexible on time completion as we will process in the order of received deposits.  We plan on keeping this offer to the first 30 beefs as we feel after 30 practices we should be smooth sailing and feeling comfortable with our new facility and team. 

Feel free to collaborate with friends and family and order more than one order.  We don't mind you gathering a posse!  In fact, we'd love that!

If you have any questions, please call/text or email me (817-681-5723 / I'm happy to brainstorm with you.

I will be sending out cut sheets and scheduling details following the deposits. 

I sure thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to learn with you and hope you find HUGE value in this offer. 


Missy Crocker

***Please do not share this private link publicly on social medias, private emails to friends and family are perfectly fine!
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There's no question that custom whole or half beef is the most economical way to buy MTXBeef. YOU truly are in the driver seat and can fill your freezer this winter for a fraction of the price.

Contact us today and let's brainstorm what we can do to fit your needs best.

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