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Hometown Delivery Options

We have great news!

There has been a great demand for local delivery outside of the areas that currently have retail storefronts and delivery options available.  We value your input and are ready to start providing local deliveries to counties that are within our delivery reach and do not currently have delivery or pick up options.

The first county we will begin deliveries in is McCulloch County!  This will include Brady, Doole, Lohn, Melvin, Rochelle and Voca, Texas.  HOORAY!  

We will coordinate deliveries weekly and all that you need to do is place your order online, pop a cooler on the front porch to fit your order, and be ready for the arrival of some mighty fine, locally raised, Texas Beef!  

We will send reminders before the delivery day and encourage you to keep and eye out so that you can get your meat in the freezer as soon as possible.  We ARE NOT responsible for any meats that are not taken care of properly after they leave our hands.

Each delivery will only have a $5 delivery fee to help us with delivery personnel and gas.  There is no need to be present at the time of delivery because all orders will be prepaid for via our website at

We are excited to SERVE and DELIVER to you McCulloch County!

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Counties and Areas That Already have Retail Storefronts and Delivery Options

Mason County
- T.Bo's Meat Shop and Mercantile offers in store purchases as well as local deliveries.  Just give them a call at 325-294-4004 and they'll fix you up!

Lakeway, Texas - Texas Beef Traders offers in store purchases as well as local deliveries within a reasonable area.  Just give them a call at 737-209-0309 or visit their website at

Miles/San Angelo, Texas and approved routes - Mike with Cactus Town is open on Saturdays and offers in store purchases as well as considers delivery options near Cactus Town or along one of his many routes gathering supplies for his store.  It's best to give Cactus Mike a call with any of your beef needs.  325-617-6877

We'll contact you shortly after your order is made to arrange a delivery date!

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